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Campaign Strategy Checkpoint

Identifying areas of uncertainty and risk in your marketing programs

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What you will Learn in this Course

In this course you will pull up out of the weeds of unorganized tactics to perform a self-assessment that highlights areas to prioritize changes, and make deliberate decisions on how to move forward.

We call that a Campaign Strategy Checkpoint.

It's a habit you can form and continue using long after the course.

Embracing the strategic thinking concept of See, Select, Strike.

You will adopt an experimental approach of Action - Measure - Insight to uncover possibility.

You will reframe how you look at the funnel in terms of Revenue Analytics.

You will move from a point where you aren't sure if adhoc changes you make have impact, to confidently planning future campaigns with the intention to gain actionable insights.

A look inside the course

Marketing faces uncertainty because of ever changing market conditions. Add ongoing experimentation into your campaigns to gain insights, minimize risk and maximize growth.

The Campaign Feedback Loop

You apply an experimental approach to uncover possibility.

We act. We conduct campaigns. We measure those campaigns with an abundance of data analytics. We draw insight from our findings and strategize changes to our campaigns.

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Reframing the Funnel 

A new look at the funnel though the lens of revenue analytics: Volume, Velocity, Conversion and Value.  As well as the specific metrics that you can use as measurements in each category.  

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The Heat Map Assessment

Download and use the Heat Map Assessment tool to do an assessment of how you are applying the Action-Measure-Insight feedback look to a campaign.   The heat map’s conditional formatting with spotlight the areas in most need of attention. 

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Using the results of the self-assessment, select an area for improvement or change that you want to implement in your marketing campaigns. Use the tool to communicate and gain buy-in from others. Integrate the tool into your experimental marketing efforts to perform a checkpoint at any time in the future. 

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